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Today we where interviewed by Joe Nichols from Joe Speaks :) Joe uncovers why we do, what we do :)

This morning I have the privilege of introducing this to a Pierre Harding an international web designer. Mr harding. Hello, Thank you. Thanks for inviting me. Tell me about the beginning of Institute of web design. Well, we established the Institute of web designing in 2005. Our main mission at that time was to really help small businesses, entrepreneurs to establish a presence online, especially back in those days. And even today, a lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs find it difficult, uh, as far as how to properly position themselves online, what functionality use, what tools to use, let alone having the time, energy or resources to do it on their own. So we developed the Institute of web design to really help those small businesses grow their business by taking advantage of the internet to do so. Over the years we've grown from not only doing web design, but also internet marketing. Fantastic. Fantastic.

So we actually found that no matter how functional or how attractive a website can be, generally the main purpose of a website is to drive business. So unless a website is designed in a way to drive business, to reach a particular goal, and unless you're taking advantage of different digital marketing tools, you know, it, it never really reaches full potential. Well, I can vote for that because he did an excellent job with my website and marketing.

All right. My next question is what is involved in digital marketing? Well, that's a pretty broad question. Digital marketing, really involves several different components. So digital marketing consist of email marketing, social media, video marketing, SEO, onsite SEO, offsite SEO, and just several different facets of that. At the Institute of web design, we focused mainly on SEO and local SEO as a way to help small business take advantage of all the search traffic that comes from places like Google. So if you're doing a great job with SEO, it's really the best return on investment you can get, because there are millions of people looking for local businesses every day. So you want to make sure that if you're in a market that people are searching for what you have, you want to make sure you're position there as well. So that's our specialty, it's kind of gone not only in digital marketing but also in really local SEO. Fantastic.

The next question, how does SEO different from local SEO? Well, local SEO is a component of SEO. So SEO in itself stands for search engine optimization. So it's basically the process by which one would take their a website, the content within their website, the optimization of their videos, of their images, of their social media channels. So they would optimize it, meaning they structure it in a way that would profile their business based on the services they provide. So, as an example by plumber, right, I would want to make sure that my content is optimized for plumbing. So if someone was searching for a plumber or someone was searching for how to repair my scene or how to unclog a toilet, or how to, you know, any of those type of related terms, they relate to what I do, I want to make sure that I can appear when that app searchers looking for that.

So what's different about SEO compared to other forms of marketing? Be like a newspaper or the radio or flyers or things of that nature, those traditional things. A SEO is able to catch that client at the end of that phone. So they're no longer really researching, you know, these are typically customers that are on the internet. If I'm searching for, you know, repair my broken sink or repairing my broken dishwasher, I'm not searching for that because I want to, you know, figure out how to do it in the future. I'm searching for that because I need that now. So that's what SEO does. It puts you in a position where when that client is ready for what you offer, that you're there. Fantastic.

The next question, can they build this, just do SEO themselves? Well, yeah, I guess they could......, so the best analogy to give you to that is, you know, can an individual represent themselves in court in a lawsuit? Yeah, they could..... They probably wouldn't want to, cause they're not going to get the best posible results. They may save themselves a bunch of money, but they may end up with that lawsuit on their hands which will cost a LOT more. So that's kind of the same analogy. So can you do the SEO yourself? but again, the time that you invest in doing so will probably end up costing you more than what you would end up saving, let alone the waste of time for not getting that result that you're looking for. And also, I didn't completely answer that last question. So how local does SEO dilute a difference from SEO? Is local SEO is set up in a way to optimize you within a local market? So again, using that plumber, right? So if I'm a plumber and somebody searching for, you know, repair my sink or unclog my target, you know, and I'm in Miami or I really do not get any value from someone in Dallas, Texas, they're searching for that. I'll get back to you from that. Somebody in Miami or surrounding area. So local SEO takes all those components of SEO, but in a local setting to make sure that within your local market, your local city, that people are searching for that plumber nearby, that you're able to be profiled within the map rankings. So that's that. But yes, you can do local SEO on your own, but you probably wouldn't want to, you know, you know, paint your house on your own or, you know, change your transmission on your own or represent yourself on a coordinator. You would leave that to the professionals.

If a person wants to get in touch with you. How would they be able to do that? Good question. Well, they can Google local SEO Miami, And they would find me at the top, or they can simply go to Instituteofwebdesign.com or they can dial 954-417-9854.

There you have it. Mr Pierre, marketer and international web designer. Thank you.

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