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Covid-19 Small Business Digital Game Plan

Updated: Mar 24

Covid-19 Small Business Digital Marketing Game Plan

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Hello, small business owners and entrepreneurs. This is Pierre with the Institute of web design. The video today discusses setting up a small business digital marketing game plan during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Well, if you are a small business owner, then I don't need to tell you, you may already be feeling the effect. And according to the small business administration, small business owners are expected at a large number to have a decrease in business over the pandemic. Of course, the reason why, just like me coming out of my home office today, obviously I'm not out and about, I'm trying to sell quarantine myself, as I'm sure many of you are as well too. The same things that consumers are doing in addition to them not being out and about partaking in business. They're obviously also not spending money on nonessentials during the pandemic. However, there is still opportunities out there. But how do you take advantage of the opportunity when there's less people searching, less people looking? How do you take advantage of that? So we're going to talk about that now. One of the things that we're doing, uh, to help our customers is, first of all, we're conducting a digital marketing analysis that digital marketing analysis is not only to see where they currently stand right now, but to find areas of opportunity. Here's what I mean by that. For example, if you are orthodontist in Miami or a plumber in Fort Lauderdale, let's say traditionally you show up 1,000 searches per week but during the pandemic, you can expect that to decrease maybe by 50, 40, 60%. So, if you were serving up 4,000 searches per week, maybe now you only showing up for 500 or 400 so what do you do? Well, you need to find other areas of opportunity to make up for that loss. Now that could mean taking advantage of different social channels you're currently are not taking advantage of. That can mean maybe participating in blog outreach, maybe participating in Facebook communities where you're adding your area of expertise, you're getting that additional exposure there as well to maybe it also has taken advantage of additional citations or local directories outreach that's out there as well too. So there's a lot of different possibilities, maybe creating Facebook ad campaigns or YouTube ad campaigns to make up for that difference. So for example, if you went from a thousand to 500 well if you can pick up another 10% from this blog posting outreach, if you can pick up another 10% by being involved in the Facebook community, if you can pick up another 10 15% by running that Facebook ad, it'll not only help minimize the amount of loss that you received during this time, but also by now in developing these additional channels, it'll give you an opportunity to separate yourself even more from your competition and also come out even stronger on the other end.

So I definitely would recommend you take advantage of different channels. But first, by having a very clear picture of where you are right now, find those areas of opportunity, increase what you're already doing and take advantage of other channels that are out there to help you survive and thrive during this time. Now, what are some other things that you can do as well?

If you would like to have us conduct a digital marketing analysis for you, we'll be very happy to do that at free of cost. That will let you know, again where you are and also put together recommendations of opportunities you can take advantage of. Below the video, you'll see a link. You can click that link and you can schedule the free consultation and we'll be very pleased to discuss that with you. Talk about areas of opportunity to help you maximize your exposure, minimize your loss and come out stronger on the other end so everyone, be safe. Look forward to being able to help you. Bye bye.

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