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Demio Virtual Classroom - Webinar, Instructor Review

Demio Virtual Classroom- Webinar, Instructor Review. | Student view video, located towards the end of this post.

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Hello and welcome. The purpose of this video is to take you through Demio does the registration and the log in process as an instructor to show you how to join, initiate, start the classroom and also how to get your students to activate their microphones and also their webcams as a student. On the other end, this video is to show you how to register for the event and how to join the event. Once you have joined the event and the instructor has allowed you to share the microphone and webcam, how to then accept that so that your microphone and webcam and then be part of the actual classroom itself. Now during this video is being recorded during the Covid 19 pandemic. So I am site self isolating. So it was an added audio bonus. You may hear my grandson or my kids running around in the background, so just enjoy that additional audio.

So let's go ahead and begin. Now. First thing we're going to do, let me move myself out the way here. Now as an instructor, once you log into Demio, the first thing you're going to see is your upcoming class. So here we have an upcoming class is scheduled for 7:00 PM today. So if I want to go ahead and join the class, get the classroom prepared, obviously want to do that ahead of the students. Then all I would need to do is go over here and click the join classroom button. So let's go ahead and initiate that. I'm going to join the room now when I joined the room with Demio is going to do is going to recognize my built in camera or my external camera, my built in microphone or my external microphone. Once it is actually configured that you're going to see that here. Now you see it's found my camera. I'm going to turn it on so I need to make sure this is on. I need to make sure my microphone is on as well. If I wanted to play and make sure the audio was good here I can also test connection and you see that it's green so we're good to go. So the next thing we're going to do once we have our video audio on is we're going to go head and join the room.

So now I'm joining the room ahead of the class is the instructor and it lets you know that your session is on standby. You actually haven't started it yet. So as an instructor you would need to start the classroom before the register students could actually join. So let's take a look at a couple of things. So we can see here, I already sent out a check to the group that says hello class. I am the host. If we take a look here at the top, this is going to be our communication panel a you see right now, let me just scroll up a little bit. There we go. So our communication panel for our chats, we can also do a poll. We can pull the students on different questions and we can also send a handouts as well too. So there are three different sections you would have to click in order to get into that particular section in a school in a race that get our corner back.

Right now the chat is on public, meaning any comments that the student may students make, the whole class you'd be able to see. And the response is back to those students would also be seen by the class. If you wanted to make the communication between the students and you private, then you would be able to do that like so then any communication the students sends you would be private. So let's put that back to public for now. Now, if you were to send a handout, then the handout panel would show up. You would no longer see the chats. So if you wanted to go back to chat, just make sure to click back on the chat feature like so. Another little quick tips for you here. If you want it to enlarge the classroom, you could do that. So and reduce like so. So let's go ahead and enlarge it, Like so, since I'm doing a screen share with this, I'm going to put it back to normal. But in your case, I would recommend that you enlarge it. If you want it to reduce the panel section, you could click this link here. That would reduce the panel section to give a wider view. So for right now, let's keep that theory. Now when you're ready to actually start the lesson or session, you would do so here. We won't do that yet as our example. We don't have any intend these logged in yet. So the next step, let's make sure our attendees are logged in and ready to begin the session. So we're going to pause for one second as I go log in one of the attendees.

All right, I'm on the other computer. I'm one of the students. One of the attendees. I'm going to my email is this time to register for the class to join the class. I'm going to click on the registration link. So as a student what's happening is it takes me to the registration page. I'm going to put in my name so that way they know who's actually joined the session. I'm going to put in my email in which the link was sent to so that I can then get into the class. So I'm registered. It gives me a congratulations so it knows that I'm registered for the event. It gives me the name of the event, the date and time of the event, a direct link. Or I can simply join the room. I could also add it to my calendar. So if I register for an event that's maybe a day or a week away, I could add it to my calendar so that way I'll be now Demio was also gonna send me a reminder based on the settings of the instructor. So that could be a day before and one hour before and 15 minutes before as well. And it can be all three. So as a student now I'm joining the room and I remember the instructor has not started the session yet, so it's going to leave me in limbo until the instructor actually starts a session. But it does give me as a student a countdown so I can know when the session starts.

So now I'm back as the instructor. So what I'm going to do now, I see I have one in 10 D that's there. I have John, I see that he's here and now I'm ready to go ahead and start the session. So I could see who's there and who's ready for me.

I'm going to start the session and asked me if I'm ready. Even though the session is starting early, I'm going to say yes, I'm ready. And also let me take this extra little video out the way there. We don't need that anymore. There we go. I'm going to move it out. Oh, it's stuck. Doesn't want to go. So let's go ahead and say yes, we are ready to start early. Got to give me a countdown. So this then lets me know that I am going in live and my students will be able to see me. And on the other end, the student now knows that Hey, the session is live and it asks the students if they're ready to join. So I'm going to move over real quick so the student can log it. So my student now gets notification that it's ready to start and the student is going to click the join room button and the students has a logged in as well too. So now let the student activate their microphone. And their webcam. So I want to actually see the student that's there. So if I wanted to do that, I know that they are here now. So that lets me know that they are attended, that they are, uh, in the class. So if I wanted to activate or allow their webcam and microphone, I would click on that student. Let's do that again. So I would click on the student, I would allow webcam and microphone. Now what's going to happen as soon as I do that, the student themselves, they're going to get notification and they're going to ask, they're going to request that say allow the microphone for the webcam. Now when they get this notification, it's up to them to actually allow that.

But you send that out and you allow them to actually activate their microphone and their camera. So in this case, let's go ahead and start that example. So on this other computer here, I'm going to click okay, is the student, so the student has allowed that. They're then going to get [inaudible] two bubbles or two icons at the bottom like this. So it would need to click on the microphone to activate the microphone as a student and they would need to click here to activate the camera as a student. So let's do that for the students. And my student now is going to activate the camera. In this case, I'm going to leave the microphone off. So since these computers are side by side,

so now you see the students see the student is actually a camera on a phone cause I'm actually recording that stream at the same time. So that way you can see. So now as an instructor, uh, what I've done is I've allowed that student to uh, activate their webcam so I can see them there. If there were another student, then I can do the same thing. So we could have up to three webcams running at one time. If there were a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and so on, I would just disable those that I've already checked in with as an example so that the next can come, then I will allow the next and allow the next and allow the next like so. So that's how that process would work. But remember, when you do allow for the webcam, again, the student has to click the button to again except that right? So let's close that out.

So that gives you a walkthrough as an instructor, how to actually log in, how to make sure the students are there, how to allow for their, uh, speak for their microphone, for their webcam. And then on the other end, it shows a student how they would then register, join the class, and how they would then, except for their microphone and for their webcam to be shared and be part of that group. So hopefully this gives you a walk through those features.

Enjoy Demio. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out below this video in the comments, there's additional comments and links and tutorials that will help you further. Thank you

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