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Helping Your Business Survive & Thrive During Covid-19

Hello and good day. I'm recording this video to update you on our process as far as helping your business to not only survive during the current situation, but to also come out on the other end in much better condition than you were before.

This video is to update you on what we're doing to help you maximize and increase your digital exposure. So for all our customers, what we'll be doing is conducting for each and every one what's known as a digital audit. So this digital audit is to audit of your website, your digital presence, your social media, your Google profiles to see not only where you currently stand, but more importantly to find out areas of opportunity, opportunity that we have to increase our exposure to increase more traffic. Now, here's the reason for that. The small business administration stated that small businesses can definitely affect a decrease in business over the situation. You know, hopefully the situation only lasts maybe a couple of weeks or a couple of months. So we want to make sure that we maximize our effort. We're in the time. So here's an example. So let's say if you were orthodontist in Miami, maybe on average you are getting a hundred searches a day for orthodontist in Miami on Google. Well, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, people are home. People are spending less money on nonessentials. So maybe instead of a hundred a day, maybe that now goes down to only 50 or 60 a day as far as your exposure. So the purpose of this audit is to find additional opportunities to pick up that loss. So maybe your traditional channels, you're now only getting 60% or 50% of what you would traditionally get. Well, if we can pick up another 10% on this form or another 5% over here on this, um, uh, community, uh, network or another 5% over here on a different directory or a blog post or another social channel. So if we can pick up these additional opportunities that we're not taking advantage of presently, that it helped offset that loss. Not only would that help us get some more separation between our competition during this time, but at the other end of this, hopefully a few weeks from now, a couple of months and now will come out even stronger. But I wanted to record this video cause customer is asking, okay, what are we doing to address this? So that's what we're doing. We're taking a very aggressive approach to your campaign.

One again, we're going to do a digital audit for you. We'll reach out one-on-one and kind of talk about that, talk about what we uncovered to make sure that we're maximizing our current channels. And then number two, we're now going to increase our exposure in other channels that we're not presently taking advantage of. To pick up the slack and to also grow our brand even further to take advantage of more opportunity to help you do your very best, to not only survive doing this, to thrive during this and come out even stronger on the other end. I'll be reaching out to you one on one to talk a little further about this, to put together a game plan and rest of ease. We're here with you and we're going to make sure to do our very best to help your business thrive. Thank you!




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