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Task Color Codes:  13  Completed      3  In Process 

contact page lower image

Sunday Nov 3rd  Completed 

banner bottom of compare page

Sunday Nov 3rd  Completed 

sell your car form "we will buy your car instant cash offer, even if you don't buy from us"

Saturday Nov 2nd  Completed 

home page warranty area "your vehicle is covered"

Sunday Nov 3rd   Completed 

inventory updates

Saturday Nov 2nd (viewable on site Sunday Nov 3rd)  Completed  ALSO   In Process  (BUILDING OUT A NEWER, FASTER DATABASE. TO REPLACE CURRENT)

search by stock number


home: warranty image make still

Sunday Nov 3rd   Completed 

home: google 4.8 letters in black

Sunday Nov 3rd   Completed 

home: still image maintance section

Saturday Nov 2nd   Completed 

home: maintenance section change icon to yellow

Sunday Nov 3rd   Completed 

vehicle page: link to disclaimer

Include in Inventory File Feed / Currently also Located on all Pages Footer

change picture on banner "3yr maintenance" 

Saturday Nov 2nd   Completed 

site spell check

Wednesday Nov 13th  Home & about have been checked, we are also rechecking the addition pages & then come back to home and about to add additional content  In Process 

new image to sell your car & home page google section

Tuesday Nov 5th   Completed 

remove "we accept all trade" from the image

Tuesday Nov 5th   Completed 

Where it says "we'll buy your car" under the image add even if you don't buy with us.

Tuesday Nov 5th   Completed 

Below where they submit their info just leave" Get an instant cash offer today!"

Tuesday Nov 5th   Completed 


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