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DIY website, build a website, website design training classroom

During the Website design training program you will learn from a certified web design PRO how to use todays latest technologies to create a beautiful, unique & custom website with full eCommerce capabilities. The classroom website design training program is available in our Miami & Fort Lauderdale locations. We also offer live online website design training anywhere you are, around the world.



Course Overview:


  • Introduction to Website design

  • Plan the website structure

  • Website design elements

  • Add personalized content

  • Create custom contact forms

  • Create blog/newsletter

  • Add socail media integration

  • Enhance Website with apps, programs and plug-ins

  • Publish and launch your Website

  • Optimize Website (SEO)




Classroom website design training is offerred in our Miami or Fort Lauderdale locations during the morning (Tues, & Thurs, 9:30am - 12:30pm) or afternoon classes (Tues, & Thurs,  1:30pm - 4:30pm).


Online website design training (Live screen sharing) is offerred around your schedule in 2hr blocks.


LEARN FROM A CERTIFIED PRO! Starts at only $79

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