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Email Marketing Like a Pro

Since the dawn of days, communication between people happened through written messages. From drawing on caves, notes carried by a dove, postcards delivered by a postman and now to the latest form of an email generated by a computer, we’ve certainly come a long way.

Workers in the US spend 6.3 hours a day checking their email. In basic math, that comes out to… a whole lot, right? Making sure your recipient got the message is more complex than ever! Your goal is to make sure your reader is engaged and ultimately, heading over to your website.

Speaking of website, if you own a small business, you must be online. You can easily create a stunning website and use it to promote your craft. But that’s only the first step on the road to success; you’ll need to drive quality traffic of the right audience. Email marketing gives you access to a reader’s most personal space, making it the most efficient source of communication out there.

In order to achieve the title of The Inbox Master, here are 10 tips you should know:

1. Judge an email by its subject line

2. Make your design beautiful and functional
3. Don’t make them wait long
4. Time it to show that you care
5. Read This Now!
6. Prepare for a safe landing (page)
7. Your content is king
8. Research is your key to success
9. Set it and forget it
10. Avoid subject lines that contain words like congratulations, free, cancel at any time.
Need help setting up your email marketing campaign? or help creating a successful Local SEO campaign? We are here to help :-)
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